At Kare Condominium Management Company, Inc.
(KareCondo) we believe that the single most
important factor in the management of a
community association is the communication
between the community association manager and
the Board of Directors. It is within the "meeting
process" that association leaders and members
come together to communicate and exchange
ideas, discuss important topics, and conclude by
making decisions regarding physical, financial
and/or operative issues concerning their

Our management philosophy views the Board of
Directors as the policy making body of the
association, and although we do not make policy,
we will act as advisors to the Board when our
expertise and experience can add value. As
managers of your community we are responsible
for carrying out the directives of the Board and, in
this way, the Board may delegate the day-to-day
operations of the Association.

Our Management Agreement is designed to serve
as a guide to achieve the goals of the Board of
Directors. Its intent is to set policy and minimize
misunderstandings that may occur in the daily
course of business.  The purpose of our
relationship is to assist the Board in facilitating a
harmonious living environment while maintaining
the integrity of the community.

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